christmas food around world

Christmas Food throughout the World

Traditional Christmas food varies throughout the world. The difference in the type of food is based primarily on the geography of the region. There are vast differences in the type of food enjoyed for this holiday throughout the world. Christmas food is as diverse as the cultures and customs present around the world.

America Does It Right

Americans probably have the most diverse set of traditional Christmas food. The reason is simply because of the different cultures that settled this continent. In rural areas, the most common meats served on Christmas are turkey and goose. All types of vegetables are enjoyed because these are grown domestically. For dessert, Americans enjoy pumpkin pie because of the huge availability of pumpkins at this time of year.

The Variety of Overseas Dishes

In Europe, Christmas food varies by country. The Germans eat a roasted goose that is served with cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. In London, Christmas pudding is the top dessert of choice. Codfish and baked potatoes are enjoyed in Spain and Portugal. Scandinavian countries, such as Sweden, enjoy shellfish, pork, caviar, and cheeses that are served in a smorgasbord fashion. The Russians enjoy an array of cakes, pies, and meat dumplings. In Italy, the residents enjoy a huge five to a seven-course meal consisting of multiple salads, roasted meats, antipasto, a portion of pasta, puddings, cheese, fruit, and chocolates. Europeans typically enjoy their Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve except for the Italians who enjoy their main meal on Christmas day.

Weather Matters

The Christmas season is not always associated with cold weather, and the choice of Christmas foods reflects the climate as well. Africa and Australia enjoy Christmas during the hottest time of the year. South Africans enjoy a turkey feast with all of the traditional trimmings. Australians celebrate Christmas with summertime food such as barbecues, steaks, and chickens. The Australian dessert consists of ice cream or sorbet.

As you can see, Christmas food varies by geography, culture, and climate. This year when you eat your own Christmas food keep in mind the diverse food served worldwide.

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