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Why People Leave Christmas Cookies for Santa Claus

Christmas cookies are fun to make and certainly fun to eat. But Christmas cookies are also a part of the holiday magic as children leave Christmas cookies out for Santa.

The myth of the Christmas cookies

All around the world children practice the tradition of leaving Christmas cookies out for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. As the myth goes, Santa gets hungry flying around all over the world delivering Christmas gifts to all the good boys and girls and he needs a snack.

Children are happy to oblige by setting up a plate of cookies and a glass of milk before retiring to bed on Christmas Eve. Many children fight to stay awake hoping to get a glance of Santa or to share their Christmas cookies with him in person.

Most children know, however, that Santa doesn’t come unless they are fast asleep though it is hard to fight the urge to take a peek. Often Santa leaves a note to the boys and girls thanking them or telling them how much he enjoyed the Christmas cookies.

Making special Christmas cookies for Santa is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. For some reason, the Oreo cookie is considered one of Santa’s favorites. Perhaps that came from commercial advertisements at some point in time.

The tradition of Christmas cookies for Santa isn’t an incredibly old one. In fact, it is believed to have emerged around the time of the Great Depression when parents wanted to inspire their children to share with others, especially in hard times.

Did You Know?

The United Way of America is a national organization that focuses on fulfilling the needs of local communities across the United States. The United Way often sponsors programs to provide needy families with Christmas gifts and meals.

Though not widely spread, some traditions of having Christmas cookies with Santa have emerged. This can be a fabulous fund-raiser to generate funds for programs like Christmas Anonymous that provide Christmas gifts and Christmas dinners for the needy.

Regardless of the Christmas cookie used, kids get a thrill out of providing Santa with Christmas cookies for his Christmas Eve snack.

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