21 Analytical Gifts for Big Data Geeks

big data gift ideas

Not sure what to get the data scientist in your life? We have narrowed it down to the top gifts that data scientists would love to receive this holiday season! 

Data science may seem like a confusing and esoteric topic at first glance, but these relatable and clever gifts for data scientists are accessible enough that both data geeks and non-data geeks alike can appreciate the subtle jokes and creativity within.

From cheeky shot glasses and coasters to useful notepads and calculators, the data geek in your life will love any of the data science swag off this list. 

Data Scientist Gift Ideas

Looking for gifts for data nerds? Here are some great and nerdy gift ideas to give to that data geek on your mind.

1. Mathematical Shot Glasses 

Up the IQ of their barware with these mathematical equation shot glasses. Complex formulas and theorems make alcohol consumption curiously intellectual.

Community Feedback: “Finally put my math minor to use figuring out these equation shot glasses – they add the perfect nerdy touch to my home bar.”

2. Big Data Books

This is a perfect gift for analysts. If they enjoy reading and are always looking for another way to expand their mind, gifting them with a big book full of data is a perfect choice! 

Amazon sells plenty of hardcover data books. Some good examples of these data books include Data Flow: Visualizing Information in Graphic Design, The Visual Miscellaneum, and The Zoomable Universe

Community Feedback: “Already learned so many new big data techniques from reading through this book. It’s like a crash course on cutting-edge analytics.”

3. Rubix Cube Coasters

Another cheeky home goods item for the data geek you know are these Rubix cube coasters. They are sold in a set of six coasters, 3D printed to combine and make an entire Rubix cube look. These coasters are moisture-resistant and will make a great centerpiece for a coffee table or side table.

Puzzles meet home decor with these Rubix Cube coasters. They’ll love displaying their ability to solve the 3D brain teaser.

Community Feedback: “These coasters appeal to both my puzzle-solving and data tracking habits – I can’t resist scrambling and solving them whenever I set down a drink.”

4. Data Geek Mugs

Gift mugs featuring funny data-related sayings and designs to make them smile. Choose from binary code patterns, scatter plot graphics, and more.

Community Feedback: “This ‘Data Geek’ mug is so me! It’s quickly become my go-to for weekend caffeine when crunching datasets.”

5. Graphic Continuum Match It Game

Flex analytical abilities pinpointing minute visual differences with this continuum game. The perfect solo or head-to-head battle of wits.

Community Feedback: “My friends know not to challenge me to this continuum game – my pattern recognition skills are just too good!”

6. Blockchain Necktie

Add stylish flair with a conversation-starting blockchain patterned tie. Cryptocurrency and analytics fans will appreciate the clever nod.

Community Feedback: “You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I get on this unique blockchain tie at finance conferences and client meetings.”

7. Big Data Wall Art

Etsy offers plenty of unique art. This is no exception. Big data wall art is a great gift option for the data geek who likes other pop culture references as well as data. One great example of this type of art is the song “Let it Be” by the Beatles in soundscape format. Soundscapes are graphic representations of music scores. 

Make data beautiful with canvas wall art depicting colorful data visualizations and statistics. A distinctive home office or workspace decoration.

Community Feedback: “These data viz canvas prints bring the aesthetic side of analytics into view. I notice new details every time I look at them on my office wall.”

8. UFO Sightings Per Capita Magnet

They’ll get a kick out of tracking and displaying UFO phenomena stats on this novelty magnet. The perfect blend of data and extraterrestrial fun.

Community Feedback: “What a conversation piece! I constantly update the figures on my new UFO magnet as data trends change and sightings spike.”

9. Pop Chart Posters

Choose from a huge selection of infographic posters depicting everything from beer styles to logical fallacies. Their inner data nerd will thank you.

Community Feedback: “Pop Chart posters make the perfectcombination of decor and data. I’ve already learned so much just glancing at the one hung in my office.”

10. Sphero Robot Ball

Introduce coding, data analytics, and robotics with this programmable robot ball. Drive, navigate courses, and experiment using block coding or advanced programming languages.

Community Feedback: “I get to flex both logic and creativity skills programming my new Sphero bot. The more data I feed it, the smarter it gets!”

11. Non-Transitive Dice

Baffle their analytical mind with this set of non-transitive dice. No matter how hard they crunch the numbers, this trio breaks the rules of probability.

Community Feedback: “Just when I thought I understood dice probability, these non-transitive pair stumped me completely. I can’t wait to challenge my statistician friends!”

12. SmartBark

SmartBark is an incredibly advanced piece of decor. It is a wall panel that looks like bark but it is more than that. It is a technologically advanced piece of bark. It is responsive to the environment it is in. It is intended to reduce stress in a working area. The data scientist you give it to will be able to place it in their workspace for a happy break when needed. 

13. Data Viz Flask

Another gift for the data geek who likes to get tipsy, this flask is custom engraved with data visualizations. It is a six-ounce, stainless steel flask that can be customized with the name of your choice. The data engraved on the flask is PSR B1919+21. This is the first radio pulsar to be discovered. 

Community Feedback: “This data viz flask instantly classes up my relaxed nights poring over datasets. The graphics are a clever touch I wasn’t expecting.”

14. Data Geek T-Shirts

Treat them to comfy tees proclaiming data geek status. Designs range from math jokes to programming syntax and binary code.

Community Feedback: “My new graph paper algorithm t-shirt lets me rep my data nerd pride loud and proud. I’m now looking for more designs to add to the collection!”

15. Mushroom Coffee

Four Sigmatic is a company that produces brain beneficial products. One such product is mushroom coffee with lion’s mane chaga. This drink is supposed to increase productivity and comes in a 10-pack of on-the-go packets. This coffee has half the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee but provides the energy at the same rate. It is organic, vegan, and has zero sugar. 

Enhance productivity and focus sipping mushroom-infused coffee loaded with antioxidants and less caffeine. An ideal work fuel for the analytical mind.

Community Feedback: “Now this is my kind of smart coffee – all the mental clarity and energy of caffeine without the jittery side effects.”

16. Hatch Ideas Notebook

Unleash innovation carrying this specially-designed ideation notebook. Thought-provoking prompts, charts, and exercises to stimulate analytical thinking.

Community Feedback: “Who knew a simple notebook could take my critical thinking skills to the next level? I’m churning out ideas and making connections I never saw before.”

17. Floppy Disk Notepads

Brighten note taking with retro tech-inspired floppy disk notepads. They’ll love jotting insights and to-do’s atop this novelty paper.

Community Feedback: “These floppy disk notepads add a fun twist to my daily note taking. I feel like I’m making my data portable and easy to store.”

18. Death Star Tea Infuser

Brew galactic amounts of caffeine with this Death Star tea infuser. An out-of-this-world gift for the analytical Star Wars fan.

Community Feedback: “I get the biggest kick out of watching my Death Star infuser bob and spin around while my tea steeps. Makes me smile every morning.”

19. Vintage Data Memory Bank

Add an old-school analog touch to data tracking with this antique-inspired memory bank. Inserting a slip of paper subconsciously motivates information retention.

Community Feedback: “I’m shocked by how much the physical act of writing down and storing data insights in this memory bank is boosting my retention.”

20. Mini Abacus

What’s a better gift for data scientists than one of the classics? Scientists used the abacus for data analysis and calculations for thousands of years. Many data geeks like to keep abacuses for decoration, so give them a mini abacus that they can display on their desk or in their office! 

Hone mental math skills old-school style keeping this mini abacus within reach. A stress-relieving fidget item that also sharpens their numerical agility.

Community Feedback: “It’s become a habit to absentmindedly slide the abacus beads while I analyze datasets. Surprisingly satisfying and it keeps my math skills strong.”

21. Scientific Calculator

Depending on the type of data they work with and the age of your data geek, they may require a scientific calculator. It is best to ask them what kind they need if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of scientific calculators. You can purchase these online at Amazon.

Solve complex equations and advanced data analysis with ease using this multi-function scientific calculator. Reliable hardware buttons optimized for fast number crunching.

Community Feedback: “Crunching datasets is a total breeze with my upgraded scientific calculator. Complex stats have met their match.”

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