22 Knockout Gifts for UFC Fans

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If you’ve got an Ultimate Fighting Championship devotee in your life, this UFC gift guide is about to become your favorite sparring partner.

We’ve compiled the ultimate (no pun intended) list of merch, apparel, novelty items, and collectibles to take any fan’s UFC fandom to dizzying new heights. From hoodies and hats to bobbleheads and boxing gear, there’s something for fans of all kinds – hardcore and casual alike.

Surprise them with the perfect gift that shows just how well you know their passion for the world’s premier MMA organization. They’ll be overjoyed to rock new UFC swag, decorate with novelty items, or add rare collectible pieces to their growing stash.

Check out these 21 gift ideas sure to impress any UFC lover. It’s time to help them level up their devotion and represent MMA pride in serious style.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Gift Ideas

1. UFC Hoodie

Bundle up in official UFC style with this soft and cozy hoodie, complete with bold UFC branding. Choose from several color options to match their unique personality.

Community Feedback: “I never want to take off my new UFC hoodie. It’s perfect for throwing on for chilly training sessions or lounging around the house.”

2. MMA Kick Shield

Up the intensity of home workouts with this high-quality MMA kick shield. Cushioned for absorbing repetitive strikes, with sturdy handgrips. Kick drills will never feel or look so legit.

Community Feedback: “Killer gift for my home gym. I can hold this shield steady for all kinds of kick combos and its padding really softens the blow.”

3. UFC Beard Kit

Keep facial hair looking fight-ready with this beard care kit approved by UFC pros. Includes beard oil, balm, a comb, scissors, and carrying case.

Community Feedback: “This UFC beard kit takes my facial hair to the next level. The oils and balms keep my beard looking and feeling healthier than ever before.”

4. UFC Fighter Bobblehead

Display fandom proudly with a UFC bobblehead of their favorite fighter. A wide selection of top UFC stars to choose from, each captured in action figure form.

Community Feedback: “Scored the Jon Jones bobblehead and it looks awesome on my desk. Head bobbing helps me get pumped up before my own training sessions.”

5. UFC Mouthguard

Protect teeth in style with an officially licensed UFC mouthguard. Custom molded for a perfect fit with impressive logo detailing that looks great, fight after fight.

Community Feedback: “I never realized how much of a difference a proper mouthguard makes. This lets me train at full force without worrying about my teeth!”

6. UFC Watch

Enhance their accessories arsenal with a sleek UFC watch. Different styles available including basic day/date watches or chronograph training watches with lap timers and more.

Community Feedback: “I use the workout features on this UFC watch all the time – interval timers, lap tracking, it even estimates my calorie burn! And it looks badass too.”

7. UFC Belt Replica

Roleplay UFC Legacy Championship Belt Replica

Let them feel like a true champ with an exact 1:1 scale replica of the official UFC championship belt. Detailed and beautiful, displaying it is a must for diehard fans.

Community Feedback: “Coolest decoration for my man cave gym – I hung the UFC belt replica right on the wall as inspiration. Everyone who sees it is seriously impressed.”

8. UFC Gloves

Complete their home gym with these pro-quality UFC gloves. Padded for protection and printed with iconic UFC style. Ready to make those hits look and feel like a top fighter’s.

Community Feedback: “Gave these UFC gloves a test run on the heavy bag today and they are so comfortable while providing plenty of protection and quality.”

9. UFC Announcer Crew Art


Custom canvas art pays tribute to the iconic voices behind the mic at UFC events. A unique memorabilia piece showcasing Bruce Buffer, Joe Rogan, Jon Anik, and more behind vivid graphics.

Community Feedback: “I can literally hear each announcer’s voice just by looking at this art. A conversation starter for sure whenever UFC fans come over.”

10. McGregor Christmas Sweater


Have a holly jolly UFC holiday in this bold Conor McGregor Christmas sweater. An instant conversation starter perfect for the festive fan who loves “The Notorious”.

Community Feedback: “Best Christmas gift ever – I wore my new McGregor sweater to the family dinner and got so many compliments (and laughs).”

11. Hasbulla Sticker Pack


Plaster Hasbulla’s viral face all over with this fun sticker pack. Multiple sizes and poses of the internet sensation ready for decorating laptops, water bottles, and more.

Community Feedback: “My co-workers crack up every time they see me stick another Hasbulla face somewhere new. Adding him really livens up my ordinary stuff.”

12. Joe Rogan Buddha Statue


Pay respect to their podcast idol with this Zen-inspired Joe Rogan Buddha statue. Cast in quality resin resin to capture every detail in a pose of inner peace and contemplation.

Community Feedback: “I can’t get over how much this looks like Joe Rogan meditating! It adds a fun yet peaceful presence to my living room.”

13. UFC Coffee Mug


Fuel up for fight day with an oversized UFC coffee mug. Wrapped with eye-catching graphics, it holds every last drop of pre-workout caffeine.

Community Feedback: “Nothing gets me fired up in the morning like drinking from my new UFC mug. I feel ready to head to the gym and train after just one cup!”

14. Autographed UFC Memorabilia


Give a one-of-a-kind gift with signed UFC memorabilia like photos, gloves, or specialty items. A remarkable addition to any UFC collection.

Community Feedback: “Stoked to add this autographed pic of GSP to my memorabilia wall. It’s already the new centerpiece alongside my signed fight posters!”

15. UFC Shirts

Expand their UFC wardrobe with new tees and tanks sporting bold UFC designs. A classic gift that every devoted fan is sure to get plenty of wear out of.

Community Feedback: “You really can’t go wrong gifting UFC shirts – I wear them to the gym, around the house, even out to run errands. They show off my fandom perfectly.”

16. UFC Hats

Top off their look with an official UFC lid. Fitted caps and adjustable snapbacks featuring beloved UFC icons and logos.

Community Feedback: “I have a UFC hat for every mood and outfit. They let me rep my favorite fighters and the brand while keeping the sun out of my eyes.”

17. UFC Sandals

Keep feet comfy between training sessions with these UFC slide sandals. Contoured, supportive footbeds provide superior recovery in iconic UFC style.

Community Feedback: “My feet seriously thank me after a long day of wearing these crazy comfortable UFC sandals. It’s like I’m walking on clouds!”

18. UFC Bandages

Tend to scrapes, blisters, and sore spots while showing UFC colors with these logo-covered bandages. Small but mighty for any hardcore fan’s first aid kit.

Community Feedback: “Who would’ve thought bandages could be a cool gift? These look so slick and tough covering any minor training injuries I get.”

19. Khabib Keychain

Keep the former champ close with this Khabib Nurmagomedov keychain. A neat accent piece displaying his iconic post-fight wiggly arms.

Community Feedback: “I catch myself smiling every time I use my keys and see Khabib hanging there. It’s an awesome little daily novelty gift.”

20. UFC Branded Fitness Ball

Add a pop of color to workouts with this bold UFC fitness ball. Tone core and improve balance while repping the premier MMA brand.

Community Feedback: “This fitness ball is my new favorite for abs and stability work. The grippy UFC design looks super motivating in my home gym too.”

21. UFC Video Game


Experience the thrill of UFC matchups firsthand with the latest MMA video game. Updated rosters let them battle as today’s top talents.

Community Feedback: “Already logged 10+ hours on the new UFC game – the updated fighter graphics and contest mechanics make it feel so realistic.”

22. UFC Photo Book

Flip through iconic moments in UFC history with this extensive photo book. Spanning early UFC origins up through today’s superstars and pay-per-view events.

Community Feedback: “I never realized how far UFC has come until getting this photo book. Seeing those early grainy fight pics compared to today’s events is wild.”

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