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The History of Christmas Pudding

Why Doesn’t Anyone Make Christmas Pudding Anymore?

Christmas pudding is a long-forgotten culinary tradition of our annual holiday celebrations. If you read any novels set in the 1800s, you might have seen references to Christmas pudding. Christmas pudding was once a mainstay of Christmas celebrations, but in recent years, making Christmas pudding has all but vanished.

It’s Time for Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding was incredibly popular during the Victorian Era in England, occurring roughly between the 1800s and the turn of the century. Christmas pudding is still served on Christmas day in England and Ireland.

Christmas pudding is also known as plum pudding and contains a variety of dried fruits. Christmas pudding can even contain alcohol such as brandy.

Even though our nation had many English settlers in its infancy, the tradition of Christmas pudding has not been passed down through the generations. If you want to enjoy tasty Christmas pudding, -you are going to have to make it yourself or visit the European countries that still enjoy this holiday dessert.

The Rituals Surrounding Christmas Pudding

There are many rituals surrounding the tradition of Christmas pudding. Typically, household members, or at the very least all the children, each took turns stirring the Christmas pudding. While stirring the pudding, each person made a wish. Presenting the Christmas pudding to the dinner table was also an elaborate display, and some homes opted to turn down the lights or candles to present the Christmas pudding.

It’s Time to Get Going

Christmas pudding needs to be made early enough that the flavors can mix well, so Christmas pudding was often made in early December.

Long Live Christmas Pudding!

Will we see a rebirth of Christmas pudding? Not if we keep relying on powdered mixes and premade puddings! Perhaps, the above bit of history about the annual tradition of Christmas pudding will inspire you to try making Christmas pudding this year. My mouth is already watering, and I intend to participate in a centuries-old tradition by making Christmas pudding this year.

How to Make Christmas Pudding

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