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The History of Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus are the Golden Couple of the Christmas Season

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without Santa Claus, and the history of Santa Claus spans centuries. So, when exactly did Santa Claus get married?

Is Santa a Newlywed?

Mrs. Claus, it seems, only arrived on the scene in the late 19th century. Before that Santa Claus had done most of his work solo. Santa Claus goes by many aliases in different cultures, including Papa Christmas, Father Noel, and Kris Kringle. But Mrs. Claus adds a nice touch to the holiday custom of Santa Claus, not only in America but in other cultures as well.

The First Appearance

Katharine Lee Bates, who is responsible for the song “America the Beautiful”, published a set of books in 1899. In those books, a picture of Mrs. Claus appeared although she was not referred to in words. It is believed to be the earliest documented appearance of Mrs. Claus. Since that time, Mrs. Claus has gained in popularity, and none of us can seem to forget that Mrs. Claus is Santa Claus’s wife.

Mrs. Claus’s Popularity Grows

Mrs. Claus exists in many modern versions of the Santa Claus legend, so Santa Claus is not alone anymore no matter where he is. George Melachrino wrote a song in 1956 titled Mrs. Santa Claus. This was a turning point that really sped up the acceptance and popularity of Mrs. Claus.

Modern-day movies and opinions depict Mrs. Claus as a calm lady who loves baking cookies. We have seen her as an integral part of getting Santa Claus prepared for his long journey on Christmas Eve. Mrs. Claus makes her appearance in children’s books, movies, and anyone where else you usually see Santa. Mrs. Claus costumes are as easy to locate as Santa Claus costumes, and Mrs. Claus is much a part of Christmas as many of our other cherished customs.

For the most part, Santa Claus usually makes his appearance solo at malls and other public places, but occasionally you will see him accompanied by Mrs. Claus.

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