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The History of Eggnog at Christmas

If you love the great beverage options that are a part of the Christmas season, you might be wondering about the history of eggnog. Many beverages are associated with the winter months, particularly during the holiday season. During December many of us enjoy hot apple cider, hot cocoa, and, of course, eggnog. Below you’ll find some interesting information about the history of eggnog during the Christmas season.

What Came First – Christmas or the Eggnog?

Drinking eggnog at Christmas is believed to go back as far as the early 1600s. Eggnog was actually a beverage that was common to the upper class in England during the 1800s. Eggnog is actually a “descendant” of a British drink called posset which contained eggs and milk but also ale. The word eggnog has an interesting etymology. It is believed that the “nog” in the word eggnog refers to a noggin, which was a wooden mug that was used to serve drinks in taverns.

A Long-Lived Tradition

Centuries later, eggnog is still an incredibly popular drink during the holiday season. There are many variations of eggnog, and each family seems to have its own secret recipe. There are tons of recipe variations for eggnog. Generally, though, the U.S. version of eggnog includes milk, sugar, egg yolks, and heavy cream. During Colonial times, rum was used as alcohol. Sure, there are other popular drinks during the colder months such as hot cocoa or hot apple cider, but these drinks don’t have a personality of their own the way eggnog does. Eggnog truly is a very social drink during the Christmas season.

This Christmas when you drink a cup of eggnog, remember the interesting history of the drink you learned about here. Sure, you’ll still want to enjoy hot cocoa and apple cider, but Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a cup of eggnog.

How to Make Eggnog for Christmas

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